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 Build Skills. Maximize Resources. Grow!

When Rhonda speaks audiences listen. And learn.  And laugh!  As a  seminar leader throughout the US, she is known for her dynamic, informative, entertaining and spot-on style. Rhonda's seminars and workshops are designed to  increase your technical skills, create systems to streamline everyday tasks, manage and motivate your team, and successfully grow your business.  After attending you will have the skills, tools, and resources you need to create your business and your life, your way!

Seminar and Workshop Topics Include:

Using QuickBooks
Everything you need to know about QuickBooks, from setting-up to generating valuable reports

Get Clear. Get a Plan. Get Results!
     Successful Goal Planning Strategies

Coaching Skills for Business Growth
     "Coach" your team to acheive maximum results

Coaching & Managing Multi-Generations in the Workplace
     Learn what each generation values and how it impacts performance

Team Building & Group Development
Key concepts of successful team building, strategies for team development

How to Manage Your Day When There's Too Much to Manage
     Prioritize, systemize, and streamline your work place and work day

Finance & Accounting for the Small Business Owner
     Learn the language of finance, basic accounting principles, and how to read financial reports   


Clients Say...

Our organization had planned a day-long retreat for the Board members to hash out a lot of details for the future growth of the organization; additionally the membership had been drawn together to embark on team-building activities, mixing fun with responsibility and teamwork.  It was clear to a number of us that we were going to be gathering all of our Board together and filling the room with a bunch of Type A, strong personalities.  Upon reflection, we felt that by bringing in an impartial observer with professional experience in Coaching, we could hopefully give ourselves some "tools" with which we could "play nicely in the sandbox" together.  We could not have been more right, Rhonda nailed it!  She brought with her very clearly defined descriptions of typical personality types and how they play out in a group; she provided us clear understanding of how our "group" would experience textbook "stages" of development, which we were already experiencing, and she had us, as a Board, engage in a team-building exercise to further demonstrate how we needed one another, how some among us are communicators and some aren't and how some will more aggressively take the lead than others.
Having these basics so clearly presented gave us a much higher level of tolerance of our differences and a clearer vision of how to use those differences for the greater good of the organization.  Her objective view and presentation of human behaviors was refreshing, very insightful and a remarkable way to start our very long and busy day!
I, personally, don't think we would have been as gracious with one another without this "pep talk".   We will always be grateful for her gift that she shared with our organization and we will undoubtedly need her services again in the future!
Laura Engstrom
Alternate Design Plumbing, Inc.

"What an amazing conference on Goal Setting! Fantastic information to set me in the right direction! Thank you Rhonda!" Kelly Anne Moore Photography