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QuickBooks Tips

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Using QuickBooks Mobile
QuickBooks Short-Cuts

Add or Edit Multiple List Entries with Ease
Are your QuickBooks Files Tamper Proof?

Job Tracking Adds Precision to Your Company File
Sales Orders in QuickBooks: Why? When? How?
QuickBooks Profit & Loss vs Statement of Cash Flows
Bank Reconciliation Tips
QuickBooks Helps You Make a Statement

Classes or Types? When to Use Them


Articles by Rhonda H. Smith

Florida Sales & Use Tax:The Basics You Must Know
Fear of Criticism:Is it Sabatoging Your Success?
Need Help But Not a Full Time Employee? Hire a Virtual Assistant
Networking: Petrifiying or Powerful?
Working from Home:Does it Work?
Learning to Have Faith and Trust in Yourself
Celebrating Change
Has Google Replaced the Yellow Pages? What You Must Know About Advertising Your Local Business


Business "How To" Links

How to start a Business: What the IRS wants you to know
How to file a ficticous name/DBA
How to write a business plan
How to write a marketing plan
How to certify your business as woman-owned


Business Service Providers

These are companies I recommend and use in my business.  Check back frequently as I will be adding more!

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Free Personality Assessments

"To Know Thyself" has been the ongoing quest of humanity and is more important than ever when you own your own business.
Learn more about yourself with these FREE Personality Assessments.woman assessment

Do you have a healthy amount of self-confidence? 

Time Management 
Are you a good time manager? 

How stressed out are you? 

Do you have the discipline required to achieve your goals?

Accepting Change
When you think of change do you feel inspiration and excitement or panic and anxiety? 

Do you have trust in life, or have you lost it along the way?


Books on Financial Growth

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